How to use Project Wonderful

One of the best things about selling on the internet is you can make money while you're doing other things, like sleeping. You can't say that for a traditional store front. This idea made me want to look into "monetizing" my blog. That just means selling ad space on my blog-but you can also implement this on your personal website (if you have a domain, not on Etsy, Artfire, etc...)

If you stop by my blog, you've probably noticed that I decided to go with Project Wonderful to sell ad space here. The main reason I went with them is that they allow their publishers to withdraw funds earned after you make $10.00. Google Adsense (their competitor) doesn't let you withdraw until you've made $100.00, and retains the right to keep those funds if you cancel with them before you've made $100. See their verbage below or go to:

How to use Project Wonderful

If you want to be a publisher, first you have to apply and be approved. Once you are, you then can choose:

  • The shape and size of your ad boxes
  • Publishing preferences (do you want to approve all ads, or have PW do it for you?)

The advertisers then bid on your space. It's kind of like ebay for advertising. All ad boxes start off at $0. Then, as you get more ad bids, the price goes up. The price is also based on how many unique views you get per day. I personally elected to approve all ads that bid on my space since I don't want any ads that might offend or injure my readers. By "injure" I mean that a few of the websites that bid on my adspace looked, in my opinion, to be scams. However, I do not assume any liability for any websites that advertise on my blog nor do I endorse any of them. I just like to do my best to keep my blog in line with what I intended it to be, a resource for my readers.

If you decide to approve all ads that bid on your site like I did, you will have to check in at least once a day to go through and approve or reject all your bids. For more information on how PW works, visit their help page at:

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  1. Thank you for sharing this information. I visit a blog now a then called Pioneer Woman and she uses the money she makes from the abuy giveaway prizes once in awhile and I was wondering how on she got started, so this is my answer. I will have to get going on it after I get home from work. I'm just in for lunch now.