The coolest Etsy idea I've heard...SNEAK ATTACK!

I came across this awesome site while reading Fishprincessdesigns blog...and it is one of the best marketing / pay it forward ideas I've seen!
It's called the "Sneak Attack" and it's the brilliant idea from The Handmade Movement. Basically, THM schedules an attack time and chooses a specific shop that hasn't had very many sales yet. Then, scores of Etsians go to this shop and make a purchase on the same day! Can you imagine what an AWESOME surpise that is for the unsuspecting shop owner? I know I'd be stoked! Seriously, click on the link above and check it out. Kudos to The Handmade Movement for coming up with such a great idea!


  1. Wonder if its possible to suggest a shop to them - have a very deserving friend that makes beautiful items but no sales yet! Would really make her day and then some!

  2. This is an incredible idea! I am going to check this out so I can be a participant! I just opened a shop on Etsy and I can't imagine what it would be like to go there and find a truckoad of sales! I don't know what I would do! yes I do. LOL

    Athmay (contest)

  3. That is an excellent idea. If artisans do not support other handmade artisans first, then who do we look to for support? Honestly, I believe in the whole pay it forward concept. Only good things could come from it.

    Kelli (contest)

  4. I LOVE it! My shop isn't 'full' enough yet to support the attack, but by the time it's my turn to be the intended victim I should be, I am busy sewing everyday. I say let's do it fellow Etsians. United we stand, divided we fall. (contest)