How to Open an Etsy Shop

I know most of my readers have already signed up on Etsy, but I get a lot of questions from people who want to sign up, but just don't know how. So...this one's for all the newbies getting ready to start their very own Etsy shop!

Don't panic!!! You can, and will, open your own Etsy shop. Opening your shop is actually the easiest part of selling on Etsy! But, that doesn't mean you can't use some tips. And don't feel bad if the "computer stuff" isn't your thing. You are an artist! You create, inspire, and design...leave the geekery to nerds like me ;)

First of all put a lot of thought into your shop name. Not only is it your calling card, and what your customers will remember you as, but you cannot change it once you save it on Etsy. The first step is registering, and Etsy will ask you for your user name. YOUR USER NAME IS ALSO YOUR SHOP NAME! Another tid bit to remember is that you can only have one shop per email address, so if your first shop is a success-YAY!-you will need a separate email account to open your second shop. Etsy has a great article detailing shop names in their Storque blog. You should also take the time to read the FAQ section on their site as well.

*Professional Tip-to optimize your SEO (search engine results) choose a very unusual name. Google your ideas to see if anything else comes up. If nothing comes up, it's a GREAT company name and anyone who googles it will probably find you in search results.

When you start listing your items, remember that good photos are a must! Sunlight is great for a beginner photographer, it makes most items look appealing. And remember to show your buyers how the item will look used, ie-clothing on a person / mannequin, purses filled with items, hair clips in hair, etc.

*Professional tip-Invest in FREE photo editing software Picassa. Very easy to use and it makes photos look incredible!

Secondly, take the time to write an item description. Include measurements, sizes, and materials. You don't want your buyers to have to return an item because they didn't have all the facts about a purchase!

Ok, so I'm biased but graphic design is very important! Branding your image is one of the most important parts of being a business owner. There are lots of talented graphic designers on Etsy (including my shop!) so put some serious thought into buying a banner set if your aren't familiar with computer art.

*Professional Tip-Keep your graphics the same across the board! You should have the same graphics, colors, and fonts on all your social networking sites and profile pics.

Success! So, now you have offically signed up on Etsy, created your shop, uploaded your banner, and listed your comes the hard part-finding some customers! Even though Etsy has a lot of traffic, you may not see any sales for a while. You have to remember that you won't catch any fish without bait. You have to make an effort to get your shop known to buyers and that means marketing and networking! (which is also fun). You should definetly sign up on Twitter, Facebook and one of many Ning social networking sites..I like Indiepublic. If you need help navigating these sites, look no further than my blog for help and advice!

Luckily, the handmade community (for the most part) is incredibly welcoming and willing to help. If you have questions, don't be afraid to ask. You can also convo me with any questions. I like to support new shops, and I also give technical advice for people who want to design their own banners but don't know how to resize / upload etc. You have just embarked on an exiciting new adventure in your life...congrats on being the newest small business owner!


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  2. Great advice once more... the importance of choosing a shop name you will love and people will easily remember should never go overlooked, it is true. All the rest can be fixed eventually, your Etsy shop name can’t! I would also add that it may be a good idea not to add the item category you are intending to sell to your shop name (MariaJewelry, for example) unless you are absolutely sure you are only going to be selling this type of product. Things evolve and change... you never know!

  3. Great advice. I am edging slowly towards opening my Etsy shop and this moved me one stage further. Thank you.

  4. Very useful advice without us newbies feeling too overwhelmed. Great job.

  5. Great information, okay, I'll finish mine soon, the hardest part is getting the pictures and descriptions done :(

  6. Love Love this blog. Please keep writing...I'll keep reading : )