Ad Directory members...want a custom designed ad box for your blog?

Ad directory members! I recently put the html code up on my blog to create your own ad boxes for free, but some people have been asking for custom ad boxes for the "your ad here".

Well, now you can have a custom ad box! Only $10.00 in my shop, and you will get a custom designed box with revisions, as well as a new html code to load to your blog sidebar!

Click here to purchase!


  1. I love my little ad boxes, but I may have to think about getting some custom ones, just for my blog. The only problem I'm having is, I can't load an Artfire ad into the box. I've got a customer wanting to put up their Artfire shop instead of Etsy and it won't show up. Hoping to figure that out pretty quick. Thanks.

  2. Hi Kayz!

    I just wanted to address this issue since a few people have contacted me with this problem.

    To clarify , you can't load a mini (Etsy or Artfire) into this code. It has to be an image URL. If your customer wants you to use her mini, you can load a sidebar html gadget separately and put her code there. If anyone has any questions, feel free to convo me!