New kMT Design...Girls Night Out!

If you haven't stopped by Girl's Night Out yet, today is the day! GNO (as the girlfriends like to call it) is the brainchild of superwoman Etsy seller and Diva Extraordinaire Dee of Runako Designs.

Every week, Dee organizes a trip around the world. We've already been to Paris and Australia, driven a Maserati, stayed in the poshest hotels and next week it's looks like we're going to Rome! If you're like me and either don't have the time or the money to travel the world, GNO will make you feel like you have actually spent the weekend overseas. And us busy Etsy gals could use a vacation, couldn't we? Oh, and did I mention there is a free giveaway EVERY WEEK??

To become an official girlfriend, CLICK HERE. I'll see you you gals in Italy!

Thank you Dee for letting me design your awesome blog!


  1. Geez Tara, you're making me blush!!! what pressure! Thanks for the awesome redesign, I totally love it and love your work!

  2. I participated last week and it was great!! Thanks, Dee, for starting this wonderful idea, and thanks Tara, for posting about it!

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