Why it's important to share-adding an add this button

One of the biggest pieces of advice I can give to an online seller is to make it easy for their customers. People's lives are so complicated now adays, that we tend to avoid tasks that have more than 2 steps involved. If you can offer your customer a way to "click and go" they are far more likely to complete a sale. This concept can also be applied to social networking and viral marketing.

We all want our blog posts and Etsy items to go viral on the social networking sites (Twitter, Facebook, etc.). It's cool to post your own stuff of course, but the real score is when someone else posts about it, right? How easy are you making it for your readers to do that? If you don't have some form of a "click and go" button at the end of each post, you're not making it easy enough! The reader should not have to leave your blog in order to post about your article. So, here are the best ways to accomplish this:

1. Add an "add this button" This site makes it very easy to load the button. Plus, it will show up at the end of each post automatically, and offers pretty much every social networking site out there.
2. Add a "Tweet me" button this site helps you add the retweet button you see at the bottom of this post. You can either put it at the bottom of each post or integrate it into your html code, if you are code savvy.
3. Add a Facebook button this site offers buttons that allow your readers to post your blog article to their Facebook profiles.
There are endless others, but I recommend the add this button. And don't forget to use those buttons on other people's sites! How about starting with the one directly below this post?

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