kMT Customer Spotlight-Runako Designs!

Dee, the designer and owner of Runako Designs was one of my first customers and has since become a great friend.
I admire Dee not only for her talent and business savvy, but also for her committment to giving back to her customers!
Her newest venture is "Cluttercast", an idea that she found on Darryle Pollack's website
The avatar design to the left is the button I designed for Dee to include on her blog! Thanks Dee, you are as always an inspiration!


  1. WOW! Thanks Tara, what a surprise to see this post in my following list! My ideas only com alive when you create my graphics!

  2. How nice to see the Runako Designs site mentioned on your Blog. Dee is a special friend, and a very talented jewelry designer.


  3. Dee is also a friend of mine. It's nice to know who is helping her to create such a wonderful blog. I'll have to save your info for when I'm ready to update my blog. Great avatar design!

    Vicki Bensinger

  4. I just do some of the graphics...the wonderful part is all Dee! Thanks Vicky & Loretta for your comments :) I recently won a pair of Dee's earrings in a contest and I can say first hand that her items are beautiful!