A New Site that You Can Sell From...Shopify

Shopify is a site that a friend of mine who was considering opening an Etsy shop just turned me on to. From what I can tell, Shopify assists you in opening your own website by putting everything you would need in the click of a mouse...when you open your shop for $24 (basic) - $299 per month you get:

1. Pre made professional website templates to choose from

2. Shopping Cart by Google

3. Payment processing options, ie: Paypal etc.

4. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

You do still have to pay a 2% transaction fee along with the fees assessed by Paypal. So it does end up being more expensive, but, for getting your OWN website it would save a ton of time and effort and it would end up being comparable to what you would be paying otherwise. Shopify also says you don't need your own domain name to sign up but they don't fully explain what your site name would be without one.

I'd love to hear from anyone currently using this site for feedback!

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