I Love you Mom! oh..you're a kick ass designer too!

I wanted to do a tribute to the woman that not only gave me life-thanks!-but also introduced me to the world of Etsy...my mom, Shopmollyd!

Brooke (mom to me) is one of the best seamstresses out there. I have one of her bags and I have washed it multiple times in the washing machine and it always looks brand new afterwards. Her attention to the details is really what sets her apart-every stitch is perfectly symmetrical and her focus on quality assures her customers that their handbag, cup collar, or accessory will stand the test of time.

Shopmollyd is primarily a pet apparel and pet parent accessory shop. Customers can purchase a pre-designed doggie item or request a custom item be made with a portrait of their preferred breed or even their very own doggie portrait! One of my favorite items in her shop are her "cup collars" which are stylish and re-useable versions of the paper sleeves coffee shops give you to keep from burning your hands on the coffee cup (pictured to the right). The really cool thing about her cup collars are that they are super "green", in that when you use a cup collar, you are preventing all those paper sleeves from ending up in a land fill. Stylish and earth friendly, count me in!! I have the Greyhound cup collar shown in the upper left hand corner to support my 2 rescued greyhounds, and all the hounds that need saving after the tracks :-)

She also does amazing portraits on her doggie keychains for people who want something special to have with them to remind them of their pups when they are away from the house. She has sold several of these and everyone who purchases one is always amazed at how perfectly she captures their puppy faces! (a couple of her recent portraits to the left). The best thing about buying an item from Shopmollyd is not the cool doggie merchandise you will be getting but the fact that she donates a % of her sales to dog rescue. She has already donated several of her higher priced items to Greyhound rescue charities in the Los Angeles area for their use in fundraisers. Shopmollyd is truely an Etsy shop with a heart!

I had to share my mom's shop with all of you. Oh, and she does custom non-dog items too, so if you see something you like but don't have a dog just convo her.

I love you mom, you're the best designer / role model a girl could ask for!


  1. wow! those cup collars are too awesome.

  2. Greyt post, Tara! And YES, your mom is an amazing person AND an amazing artist/craftsperson!

  3. Tara, what a sweet post and what a great and talented mom.. The bag you posted here rocks!!

  4. Awwww! Thank you to my wonderful and generous daughter! Without her business and marketing help, I'd still be at 8 sales! And thanks for coming up with the Etsy Mentor Series! There are truly generous and giving people on Etsy just like you, Tara :))))