Press Release-the Ad Directory

After months of selling ad space on Project Wonderful, I still hadn’t seen a profit. So I decided to sell my own ad space directly from my blog. Selling your own ads is easy and much more profitable for the blogger. Plus, you don’t have to wait for a pre-defined “minimum” to start to see your profits-you get paid immediately. And why shouldn’t you? It’s your blog after all!

I quickly realized there was a demand for direct-from-blogger ad space and shared my discovery with my readers, who were equally excited about the idea. Soon, the Ad Directory was born!

The Ad Directory is a list of all the Etsy bloggers who sell advertising space on their blogs direct. You as a buyer can feel good about your purchase because you know you are not only getting prime ad space with your target audience but you are supporting the handmade movement and everything it stands for by avoiding using a big company like Google Adsense or Project Wonderful that takes a % of the blogger’s profits and puts a hold on the blogger’s money until they reach a minimum amount.

Any interested Blogger can be added to the Ad Directory FOR FREE! The only requirement is that you sell you own ad space. Soon, the directory will be sorted by category to make it even easier for buyers to determine their target demographic.

The Ad Directory is currently listed on and anyone interested in having their blog added can contact Tara Shenson either via Etsy convo or email .

Dear kMT readers~please pass this along to any Blogger interested in becoming a member of the Ad Directory!


  1. Just added the ability to advertise on my blog. Still having problems with the box at the bottom, but the button is there and I tweeted about it so people would know they could purchase advertising on my blog. Thanks for the idea and opportunity.

  2. that's an interesting take on PW ads. I don't look at the money I'm earning from those ads as real cash in hand, instead I turn around and use it to buy ads for myself. That way I'm getting advertising with no cash out of my pocket up front.

  3. I would argue that PW wants you to look at it that way. They make $ from your blog both ways. Shouldn't you be the one making the money?