Finding a balance between running your online shop and your daily life

I'm sure I'm not alone when I say it ain't easy to run your Etsy shop, keep up with all your tweets, Facebooking, blog posts, convos, emails, AND clean your house, care for your husband /boyfriend, children, pets, pay your bills, get to the gym, work a 9-5 and all the stress that brings....deep breath....and exhale!

I'm personally feeling the pinch! Of course, that's why God gave us gals the burden of bearing children...I'm fairly certain men would crumble under the stress and pain of childbirth and pregnancy. Women are, by nature, super-heros. We do it all. And sometimes we do too much.

I think it's important to remember that we don't have to do it all. That load of laundry can wait one more day. Those last 5 pounds aren't really as bad as you think they are. The sink will still be bleach-able tomorrow. And good art takes time. Don't pressure yourself to create when you aren't feeling the mojo. Take a day off. Or two. Visit your parents for lunch or dinner and have a glass of wine.

It does take a lot of hard work to build a business, online or in the real world. But, remembering to keep a balance between work and play will make us all better artists and people! Be kind and considerate to your customers, but don't work yourself into the ground trying to please everyone and keep a stepford home.

Now, I'm going to go take my own advice and lie down on the couch for a while and watch my rescued greyhounds race at 45 miles per hour around my backyard and just relax!

The beautiful artwork featured in this post are courtesy of Adelle. Adelle does custom commissioned paintings and original works of art. Visit her Etsy shop and blog!


  1. Tara, I totally agree I stress myself out trying to do everything. I have to remind myself that if i just do a little bit each day thats ok too. and spending time with my family and friends and enjoying some free time is the most important!

  2. Much needed advice! I'm slowing down and enjoying things much more. ;)

  3. Tara, you are sooo right. It's hard, but you have to keep in continuous check, at least I know I do.