Why NOW is the best time to buy advertising space

When times are tough small (and large) businesses start cutting the "fat". That is, they eliminate all the expenses they deem un-necessesary: additional employees, lavish extras like trips and lunches, and sadly, often advertising. HOWEVER, smart business owners know that a recession is actually the best time to invest in advertising. As Chuck McKay, successful author on business and marketing, says in this All Business article:

"[during a recession]The overall level of advertising drops. Media feels the pinch and drops rates. This is the equivalent of buying stocks at the bottom of the market. Think of it as dollar cost averaging. Buy more as the price decreases.

There are two other advantages to aggressively advertising during economic recessions.

1) Your "share of voice" becomes multiplied as the advertising noise reduces.

2) Your "share of mind" is often uncontested for months at a time.

During these times your more timid competitors will fall behind and likely never catch up."

He goes on to say:

"It's important to remember that during a recession consumers don´t stop buying. They become more selective. They look much harder for "value" in their purchases. They are going to buy from someone. They're likely to buy from businesses that they know and like.
Make sure they know you."

The important points to take away from this fantastic article are:
  • Buy low, sell high. Right now you can get ad space at lower prices due to site owners HAVING to set their prices lower than they would be in a good economy.
  • Be known. Just because times are hard, doesn't mean people stop buying...it means they are more selective about who they buy from. BE RECOGNIZABLE!

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