Girl's Night PARIS!!

One of my fave etsy sellers, Dee, from Runako Designs has come up with a super fun new event on her blog called "Girl's Night Out". This weekend's theme is slumber party in Paris! OH LA LA!

And since Dee is the wonderful hostess that she is, she spared no expense. We have designer shoes, the chicest hotel room, a Maserati, .....seriously, I felt like I actually went there for a quick moment!

The best part of Girl's Night Out is that you can win a prize just by leaving a comment!

So what are you waiting for??? GO THERE NOW!


  1. Thanks Tara, don't be late coming back, we're headed out for the clubs soon!

  2. That's so fun! Oh I felt like I was right in Paris :D
    (those shoes are wicked awesome too)

  3. Thanks for the post I loved the spa! Going to post at my blog in a bit and twittered already.

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