The handmade pledge in action-some of my recent Etsy purchases

I love shopping on Etsy! The customer service is fantastic, the prices are completely affordable, and you can get a unique item that you wouldn't be able to find in a department store.

I recently did some shopping for a friend's birthday and I wanted to share my awesome finds:

The above portrait is of my friend Alicia. I commissioned Kristie of Pixel Wild Child to create it for me. You may have seen Kristie's work on my blog before as a graphic for my post about beliving in yourself as an artist. Just to show you how talented Kristie is, I am also including the original photo I sent her to use as her guide:

My next cool find was this gorgeous Betty Page wallet by DnA Creations:

The amazing thing about this wallet is that the image is actually fabric that has been carefully placed over the cheetah print wallet and then permanently sealed. So unique!

My Last purchase for Alicia was this unbelieveable burlesque hair piece by Wickedminky:

I seriously can't imagine finding better gifts, especially handmade high quality art, anywhere else. Thank you so much to all the artists who designed these, she loved them!


  1. It is so true... nothing like Etsy to find perfect gifts and a huge variety of custom made possibilities for that special friend!(Happy birthday Alicia!!!)

    I'm so glad both you and your friend are so happy with the portrait I made for you and thank you so much for the nice words Tara, I really appreciate them :O)

  2. Really awesome buys! I love everything and I love shopping on etsy as well. I always tell people that it's the best place to shop for handmade wonders from all over the world. It really, really is...


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